The Next Play

7 December 2010

This post was written by Brytt

The Golden Brew Players have begun editing scripts for their next play. A location has been selected. The next play will be performed in coordination with the 13th Anniversary of the Kingdom of Dawn. Auditions will be announced within the month.

A Handsome Crew

9 September 2010

This post was written by Inga Bjurnfude

The Golden Knights (and a Ranger), all dressed and ready for the black tie gala.

South row (in Ultima, the plane is skewed 45 degrees, think “southwest”), Left to Right:

Pasque, Thorin Ironbeard (in a tux!), Grey Holland, Brytt.

North row (think “northeast”), Left to Right:

Elarian, Vanyel, Inga Bjurnfude.


14 July 2010

This post was written by Inga Bjurnfude

Many many years ago, Ursula Wyldstorm found herself bewitched by Xander of the Dark Tower.  This is an excerpt from her tale, nearly ten years ago:

Was it the wind that made the magical sound I heard the other night? I had thought so…but it brought to mind the sweet chords of a dear guildmate who had disappeard from the land long ago.

This morning my thoughts are muddied. I look around my pub at the odd decore, a torso on the stage, a head on the table… limbs strewn about. A wicked smile spreads across my face. Ah yes, M’Lord Xander. Remembering the events of last night I recall the pitiful attempts of my so called “friends” to save my soul from Xander. Kita and Crysania with their pleading. Seer Thayer reading from a book of poetry from Kaylo, hoped the words would reach me. But I see them for the misguided fools they are.
Lord Xander has lead me to my true calling and I welcome my new future with open arms.

New Neighbors and Eggs

12 June 2010

This post was written by Inga Bjurnfude

My, what a night.  Seems I’d been relaying messages and packages for a good part of the evening, got flour on the leather cover of a runebook meant for Grey Holland.

Lindae came in for a spell, seems he has moved into a plot in eastern Golden.  Nova is recovering from a bit of a schoolyard brawl with some city boys bearing a grudge from an incident involving Nova’s murder of one of the boy’s sisters.


An Vas Zu, (we call her Annie),  came by and joined me in a nice conversation with a lot of gargoyle history that was a nice little break from my needlepoint, though toward the end, Lindae made the comment that he didn’t care for Queen Dawn much at all and something about a yolk-gowned harlot.

I’m not sure Annie caught the idiom.

“Dawn to be destroyer of egg!??”

and a gargoyle fled the Golden Brew to destinations unknown.

To Queen Dawn, you may wish to keep the doors latched tonight, your Grace.

To Annie, let us know if you need bail, dear.

After the excitement, Lindae and I talked of gruesome things and then I slipped upstairs to bed and did a little sewing from the covers.  I’m nearly three quarters of the way through my needle-point of the hot air balloon ride that I took with the late husband.  Remind me to show you, all.

Very old, Very new

1 June 2010

This post was written by Kita Talith

What happened over the weekend in Golden?

Grey and Brytt were given a tour of the current Kingdom of Dawn by the grand Duchess herself, WildStar.  Did you know the Kingdom of Dawn currently incorporates thirty-one (that’s 31!) buildings?!   Neither of us had any idea that Dawn was so large.

Pasque and Brytt made a discovery!  While trying to figure out a way onto the little island in the center of Justice Lake (which is cleverly named, Justice Isle), Pasque discovered a building on another small island called… wait for it…

The Golden Brew!

Much “Awww”-ing ensued.

Then, after a very cooperative effort, Pasque and Brytt together discovered a runebook which contained a rune to Justice Isle!

(Let’s note:  You can’t get to Justice Isle by boat or swimming any longer.  The only way there is to find someone with the rune.)

What’s out there in the middle of the lake on that little island we’re always so curious about?  Nothing!   Nothing, that is, for a 12×16 marble structure owned by someone who hasn’t done much in the way of customization but apparently has vendors inside.  We decided we needed to consult Thorin on whether the bulk order deeds are at a fair price.  (I should hope so, considering how difficult this place would be for anyone to find!)   Pasque and I decided that we must somehow, someway, buy this owner out so that Golden can rename the island Cantaloupe Island and have marvelous ale parties out there, after we level the building and put out lawn chairs and plant palm trees


The Shifting Fountains: Petrus

20 May 2010

This post was written by Kita Talith

What Grey, Agnes and Pasque were up to at the Shifting Fountains the other day was….

…installing the first monument in a series of monuments to be hosted at the Shifting Fountains honoring Golden Knights who have moved on.

Petrus, smartass and manpit fiend, we hope you are well whereever you are.  :)

The Statue of Petrus, the Scribe, at the Shifting Fountains

Poor Inga.

20 May 2010

This post was written by Kita Talith

Pasque is not allowed to have coffee.   Ever.  The results are historically… unstable.

When Pasque tricked Inga into supplying her with a cappuccino, a green-frocked girl’s eye twitched and she began to bounce off the walls, morphing first into a slime who oozed trails across the bar floor, then a panther who leapt up on the counter, leaving paw prints and arching its back and shoulders menacingly at Finlay, the barkeep (who is, at the moment, curiously stuck in the bewitched form of a parrot–if anyone knows any polymorph curse remedies….).

Inga races after Pasque, leading her zoo through the Brew

In Pasque’s path, chairs were tipped, floors scuffed, and glasses broken as first slime, then panther zinged from wall to wall, trailed by a walrus, a bear and a water elemental, sloshing puddles on the floor.

Afterward, Inga, Brytt and Pasque were joined by Archimedes, in from an evening of imbuing while Pasque collapsed into an exhausted heap on the floor, Inga mumbling and mopping.

Pasque made amends by offering her a slice of cake.  Brytt and Archimedes made hasty retreat, fearing foul trickery afoot, but it was a rare moment of sincerity, and mage and chef sat and ate cake.

Pasque insists it’s not the same dried-up cake that’s been in her pockets since Tuesday.


19 May 2010

This post was written by Kita Talith

Since I am one tuckered bard tonight, I shall entertain you with a photo from the past…. all about those precious ZZZZzzzs:

Slumber Party

A Golden Slumber Party

An Old Face at the Fountains

19 May 2010

This post was written by Kita Talith

What were Agnes, Grey Holland and Pasque up to at the Shifting Fountains with a mysterious, robed visitor???

Could it be that the first Golden Knights’ Memorial statue is up??   Go to the Shifting Fountains, east of Town Hall, to see!

Under Re-Construction

17 May 2010

This post was written by Brytt

Like the Brew of old, this website is under reconstruction.

There’s a long story and a short story and the long story involves hope, honor, glory and betrayal.
The short story involves a serious re-think of my hosting service.

Have this up and running again very soon!

Justice shelter thee,