In years long past, there came to Britannia Joshua Rowan, Robert the Red and Sir Lancelot.  From Skara Brae, Britain, and Yew, they came–friends, all–to defend the Crossroads where their separate roads joined.

These roads met in a clearing that came to be called, “The Way”.

It was an age robbed of hope, an age of murder and pillaging.  The weak and meek alike were preyed upon by brigands and thieves who masked their faces with skulls and spilt blood for the sake of covetousness.  In this age, Joshua Rowan, Ribert the Red, and Sir Lancelot rescued and sheltered the heroless, inflicting Justice’s hand upon the avaricious.

These Golden Knights were the first Guardians of the Way, and this was the first lit’ral meaning of the phrase….

~”Tales of a Golden Brew”
Brytt Heathard, Golden Brew Alemaker


These are the current keepers of the tales….

The Golden Knights

Guardians of the Way

Archimedes, Scribe of Valor
Brother Duncan, Fishing Friar, OW
Brytt, Alemaker
Crimson Hellkite, Flaying Nun, OW
Dixon, Golden Town Sentry
Inga Bjurnfude, Golden Brew Chef
Kita Talith, Social Butterfly
Lysistrata, Blue Nun, OW
Pasque, Lady of Aid OW
Peche Brulee, Golden Brew Waitress
Piper Sage, Golden Brew Waitress
Rydia, Taming Nun OW
Sister Agnes, Rose of Justice OW
Sister Claire, Ninja Nun OW
Sister Moira
Thorin Ironbeard, Master of the Forge
Tori Keagan, Golden Nun, OW

Last update:  08/01/2010

*OW denotes a sister or friar within the “Order of Pragmatic Wisdom”,
formerly “Brother Duncan’s Home for Wayward Girls”