I must say that your performance of Alice Through the Looking Glass has been one of the best events I’ve attended in UO.  I had my doubts at the beginning. As more and more people showed up and I noticed the shock of the players, my doubts increased ten-fold.  But once you got started, with the exception of a couple of shaky moments in the beginning, things rolled along smoothly. Your crowd control was quite good, the crystals weren’t overdone in many of the scenes, but I’m sure everyone could hear, the lines were neither done too quickly or too slowly and there weren’t many mis-macros (which is something I’m rather infamous for… oops, meant to hit control-6, not 5).  I must say, I rather enjoyed myself watching you having your show. I enjoyed more being in an audience of over 60 well behaved people (I counted during the Tweedledee and Tweedledum bit).  Once again, bravo!  So what’s next for y’all?
-Donnough, Actor, Rose’s Thorn Theater Company, Napa
(aka Dedigan) 

The Golden Brew Players are one of Ultima Online’s oldest and most experienced theater troupes.  Rehearsals are taken seriously and the final product reflects hundreds of hours of actor work, writer editing, and stagehand preparation. 

Plays are run independent of the Golden Knights and the Golden Brew, although many of the Knights often audition or take roles as extras or stage crew.  Auditions are open to the public, although applicants are reminded that rehearsal schedules involve real time commitment, flexibility, and the willingness to compensate for any of a hundred things which typically try to go wrong in a professional performance. 

Kita Talith, the director of the Golden Brew Players, is an award-winning community organizer.  Performances by the Players and Kita’s direction have been highlighted in articles by Newsweek, online gaming magazines, and various publications on online culture. 

Past productions by the Golden Brew Players include: 

  • A Christmas Carol
  • Alice, Through the Looking Glass
  • Rumplestiltzkin
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • The Princess Bride
  • The Grinch
  • Cinderella
  • Final Curtain
  • Neo’s Day Out

Lord British (Richard Garriott) visits the Golden Brew Players