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14 July 2010

Many many years ago, Ursula Wyldstorm found herself bewitched by Xander of the Dark Tower.  This is an excerpt from her tale, nearly ten years ago:

Was it the wind that made the magical sound I heard the other night? I had thought so…but it brought to mind the sweet chords of a dear guildmate who had disappeard from the land long ago.

This morning my thoughts are muddied. I look around my pub at the odd decore, a torso on the stage, a head on the table… limbs strewn about. A wicked smile spreads across my face. Ah yes, M’Lord Xander. Remembering the events of last night I recall the pitiful attempts of my so called “friends” to save my soul from Xander. Kita and Crysania with their pleading. Seer Thayer reading from a book of poetry from Kaylo, hoped the words would reach me. But I see them for the misguided fools they are.
Lord Xander has lead me to my true calling and I welcome my new future with open arms.