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The Shifting Fountains: Petrus

20 May 2010

What Grey, Agnes and Pasque were up to at the Shifting Fountains the other day was….

…installing the first monument in a series of monuments to be hosted at the Shifting Fountains honoring Golden Knights who have moved on.

Petrus, smartass and manpit fiend, we hope you are well whereever you are.  :)

The Statue of Petrus, the Scribe, at the Shifting Fountains

Poor Inga.

20 May 2010

Pasque is not allowed to have coffee.   Ever.  The results are historically… unstable.

When Pasque tricked Inga into supplying her with a cappuccino, a green-frocked girl’s eye twitched and she began to bounce off the walls, morphing first into a slime who oozed trails across the bar floor, then a panther who leapt up on the counter, leaving paw prints and arching its back and shoulders menacingly at Finlay, the barkeep (who is, at the moment, curiously stuck in the bewitched form of a parrot–if anyone knows any polymorph curse remedies….).

Inga races after Pasque, leading her zoo through the Brew

In Pasque’s path, chairs were tipped, floors scuffed, and glasses broken as first slime, then panther zinged from wall to wall, trailed by a walrus, a bear and a water elemental, sloshing puddles on the floor.

Afterward, Inga, Brytt and Pasque were joined by Archimedes, in from an evening of imbuing while Pasque collapsed into an exhausted heap on the floor, Inga mumbling and mopping.

Pasque made amends by offering her a slice of cake.  Brytt and Archimedes made hasty retreat, fearing foul trickery afoot, but it was a rare moment of sincerity, and mage and chef sat and ate cake.

Pasque insists it’s not the same dried-up cake that’s been in her pockets since Tuesday.


19 May 2010

Since I am one tuckered bard tonight, I shall entertain you with a photo from the past…. all about those precious ZZZZzzzs:

Slumber Party

A Golden Slumber Party

An Old Face at the Fountains

19 May 2010

What were Agnes, Grey Holland and Pasque up to at the Shifting Fountains with a mysterious, robed visitor???

Could it be that the first Golden Knights’ Memorial statue is up??   Go to the Shifting Fountains, east of Town Hall, to see!

Under Re-Construction

17 May 2010

Like the Brew of old, this website is under reconstruction.

There’s a long story and a short story and the long story involves hope, honor, glory and betrayal.
The short story involves a serious re-think of my hosting service.

Have this up and running again very soon!

Justice shelter thee,